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Qualitown have recently send out a letter of apology to all customers that has been treated disrespectfully by some staff. Read more about this amazing intervention.         

Homeless Snack Pack

We have recently initiated addition program to our homeless up keep. We encourage everyone to be part of this as a demonstration of love toward those in need. 

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We strive to support our community to engage in activities that reduce the rate of crime and thieves in businesses. Together lets  create a much safer habitation in our residents.

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Here at Qualitown, We’re committed to supporting the homeless in our community. It is in our gender to help them daily when they need clothes. Our free room is open to the homeless and low-income families who couldn’t afford the extra money for clothing, shoes, comforters and beddings. We believe in equality and acceptance. Our gold is to create a sense of belonging in our community, whereby we give ourselves to those who need a shoulder to lean on. Qualitown is the business that provides jobs and yet, dramatically supports the community through our homeless program. Nonetheless, we offer snack packs every Tuesday for the homeless folks, ensuring they have a healthy, nutritious snack.
As it occurs in our economy, inflation is everywhere, making it difficult and unbearable for everyone. But yet, most of us out there haven’t thought it through about the homeless people who can’t even afford a meal to prepare from a stove that can stay for a couple of days or so. However, Qualitown has thought it through and seriously considered their circumstance. It’s time like this that our community should work together to help those in need. We understand that not everyone has the heart and time to confront homeless folks and those in need. This is why we took it upon ourselves to reach out to them on your behalf. With this, we are pleasing to you all to support this program financially to enable us to purchase more healthy sneaks and energy drinks. Visit our homeless page and read more about what we do and how you can donate.

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